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大村剛 陶磁器展

会期|2021年5月28日(金)▷ 6月16日(水)
開廊時間|11:00~18:30 会期中無休
場所|Kyoto yamahon
作家在廊日|5月28日 (金)
Takeshi Omura: Pottery
May 28, – June 16, 2021
Open everyday during the exhibition
11:00 – 18:30
MAP: Kyoto yamahon


We are pleased to hold the exhibition of Takeshi Omura, who is a potter in Fukuoka.
Most of his works look like aged metal. Although it looks hard, it have a feel of soils which is warm and soft. The texture by coloring and firing over and over again, and its unique form gives us an impression that his works are more than table ware.

大村剛 Takeshi Omura

1977 福岡県生まれ
1997 岩田圭介氏に師事
2000 多治見工業高等学校陶磁化学芸術科卒業
    多治見のレンタル工房 studio mavoにて作陶活動に入る
2007 福岡県うきはにて独立