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古谷宣幸 陶磁器展

会期|1月27日(金) ▷ 2月8日(水)
開廊時間|11:00~18:30 会期中無休
場所|Kyoto yamahon
作家在廊日 1月27日(金)、28日(土)
No.165 Noriyuki Furutani: Pottery
Jan. 27 – Feb. 8, 2023
Open everyday during the exhibition
11:00 – 18:30
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We are pleased to announce an exhibition by Noriyuki Furutani, a ceramic artist based in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. He has travelled around the world to make ceramic, for example Denmark and America. Being influenced by those experiences, he produces a wide range of works including black glaze, yellow glaze and Kohiki. However, among all types of ceramic, Tenmoku is the only one that he has been producing since his college days. His Tenmoku is characterized by gloss finish and beautiful form that could always attract people’s attention. This time he will show us his Tenmoku series, and ceramic ware for daily use, such as tea bowls and vases. We are looking forward to your visit.

古谷宣幸 Noriyuki Furutani
1984 信楽生まれ
2005 京都嵯峨芸術大学 短期大学部 陶芸コース 卒業
2007 アメリカ コロラド州 アンダーソンランチアートセンターにて作陶
    滋賀県立 陶芸の森 レジデンスアーティスト
2008 デンマーク スケルツコーにて作陶
2009 岐阜県 土岐市 花ノ木窯にて作陶
    オーストラリア シドニー New Friends Art and Adventure A Ceramic Art Exhibition 出展
2012 うつわ京都やまほんにて個展
2015 アメリカ・アンダーソンランチセンターにゲストアーティストとして招待を受け、