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中里花子 陶磁器展

会期|2021年1月8日(金)▷ 1月27日(水)
開廊時間|11:00~18:30 会期中無休
場所|Kyoto yamahon
Hanako Nakazato: Pottery
Jan. 8, – Jan. 27, 2020
Open everyday during the exhibition
11:00 – 18:30
MAP: Kyoto yamahon



Hanako Nakazato lives and makes works at her two studios in Japan, Karatsu and in the USA, State of Maine.Her works are inspired by Karatsu ware, yet have modern ambience at the same time. Her table ware which is affected by both culture in Japan and the USA will accept various dishs. At the exhibition, not only table ware for daily life, but also vases and tea utensils which are unique to the exhibition.